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Heated Vacuum Degassing Chamber

Heated Vacuum degassing chamber manufactured by Burhani Hardware and Fittings has feature of heating the Resin or PU to any required temperature using PLC based digital electronic Controller. We also have touch screen option for heating application.

There is a flexibility to use this degassing chamber chamber in three modes

(1) Heating the resin before vacuum degassing process

(2) Heating the resin after vacuum degassing process

(3) Using the chamber for degassing process without using heating.

Heated vacuum chamber is very much essential in the place of temperature sensitive compounds.  Heated Vacuum Degassing process is used to remove entrapped bubbles and gases when mixing compound of Resin, Silicon, PU or any other material. Using the

Product Features of the Heated Vacuum Degassing Chamber

Stainless steel chamber for long-term air-tightness performance.

Heavy Duty Industrial Heating System

Adjustable Digital Temperature display and Controller

Various Temperature Ranges available on request

Burhani Vacuum chamber has a rounded edge at the top, for the protection of silicone gasket.

Vacuum gauge is assembled on a separate port, so that the reading remains accurate even while pumping/venting the chamber.

Gauge reading in both in Hg and Mpa (optional).

All kits are vacuum tested for 24 hours before packaging. (leakage less than 2.0 inHg at 24 hours)

Two-sided flippable vacuum gasket for better durability and reliability.

The gasket is chemically resistant to butane and other solvents.

Stainless Steel lid for long life .

Strong elastic food grade silicone vacuum hose can connect/disconnect easily with the pump/chamber.

50um air filter on the vent valve to reduce air flow and prevent any dust/powder flowing into the chamber.

Easy to install and low-cost to maintain: the chamber can be assembled in 5 minutes.

warranty and life-long parts support.